Friday, July 30, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Had to share......

AHHHH I'm so far behind on blogging! Part of this is because I keep thinking I am going to switch over to wordpress - but am still trying to figure out how to customize it all...any help would be greatly appreciated!

So, tonight's blog had all sorts of themes...I have several in a line up...a friend recently told me to keep a notebook close at hand for the creative thoughts that run through my mind when I am trying to write and then get a case of writers block. She is brilliant - and a beautiful writer herself - you can check out her work here.
Anyway - I am very much digressing....because I am so excited to show you what God reminded me tonight!
So, I was just sitting here reading through 2 Kings. (making my way through the old testament is taking so much longer than the new...but I digress - again). So I remembered that when I was studying 2 Kings in high school with some bible teacher who could just make the old testament come alive - to a high schooler that is pretty amazing!....anyway...I remembered this I googled it to find more and found this.

OH my this story still gets me EVERYTIME!

Nothing frustrates the sovereign will of an infinite God!! Nothing at all! God used this very problem to illustrate His genius and the credibility of His word.

Oh what joy and hope - when I think about all that is trying to thwart that sovereign will in my own life...and in the lives of my family!
I could shout, laugh, cry, dance around in worship!!! Seriously! This brought me so much joy tonight!! I had to share!!